Here to bring you a little bit of the country life.

I’m a country kid, born and raised. I grew up on a family farm where we ran sheep, cattle and grew crops including wheat, canola and oats. When I finished university, I moved back to the farm to work for a year. In that time, something was eating away at me,  I decided then and there that I needed to go out and explore life.  So I packed up my stuff and moved to the city. I lived in the city for about 10 years, met and married my beautiful wife in that time, as well as worked in a number of corporate firms. It was a great time and I learnt many important lessons during this stage of my life.

Shortly after getting married, my wife and I then decided the city life was not for us. So a year ago, we moved back to the small farming area where I grew up. I now work back on the family farm and also work remotely for a Sydney based company. Thank you technology!

I hope to bring you insights into my life living in the country. Share stories, thoughts, photos and videos to give you a little taste of the farming life.

Sit back and enjoy.




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